Bag Compactors Solve Waste Management at Sea

Bag Compactors Solve Waste Management at Sea

Leading UK designer and manufacturer of waste compaction equipment, Tony Team Ltd, has the solution to waste storage issues on board ship, as waste must be returned to port to be disposed of correctly.

With space constantly at a premium and with a need to store waste for potentially long periods of time without causing issues with hygiene and odour, the use of a Tony Team Waste Compactor is the answer.

Manufactured in BS304 stainless steel, all machines are suitable for the extreme conditions at sea. Likewise they are ideal for use in food preparation areas, as the compaction chambers can be steam cleaned or power hosed without affecting the controls, maintaining kitchen hygiene.

With a range of 4 units to meet the waste management requirements of any size of ship, from the market leading TT100 under counter compactor, to the large TT240 compactor which can compact up to 15 to 20 bags into one cube.
Tony Team’s bag compactors automatically compress rubbish down to 14% of its original size making waste storage less hazardous and more hygienic. The waste is reduced into neat polythene cubes which are more convenient to store and prevent the release of unpleasant odours.

Tony Team’s Managing Director, Victoria Oates says: “We’ve been supplying businesses worldwide with innovative, cost and space effective solutions for waste management and storage for over 30 years and have developed a reputation for quality and reliability.”

For more information about Tony Team’s full product range of waste compactors and cardboard balers call 0044 1629 813859 or email

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