One of the London’s most prestigious office addresses, Brettenham House in the heart of Westminster, has become another top flight organisation to include Tony Team’s waste management solutions. With over 120,000sq feet of office space, volume of waste was a big headache.

In effort to make cost savings and help to reduce environmental impact, Brettenham House has incorporated a TT75 cardboard baler together with a TT1100E bin compactor to provide a cost effective means of removing card from the waste stream and efficiently compress non-recyclable rubbish.

Tony Team balers are compact and require minimal storage space to be fully operational both in and out of doors, while the bin compactor condenses waste by 4:1 directly into most standard four wheeled bins. Practical and simple to use, both machines can significantly reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill, so cutting the cost of waste disposal, whilst at the same time reducing the building’s carbon impact, by reducing waste collection vehicle visits.

Charlie Armour, Building Manager at Brettenham House has been impressed with the improvements the new system has made:

“By using the Tony Team baler and bin compactor, we are able to make considerable savings on refuse removal costs, whilst at the same time taking up less space for waste storage, making a very clean & efficient system. With much less operating time required to handle waste, this is, altogether, a large benefit to our business”.

Both machines are available in a range of models to suit various business sizes and requirements. Easily installed and efficient to run, the waste management machines are ideal for pubs, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, colleges and fast food outlets.