Simply throw in the food and walk away – the sustainable and affordable food waste solution…

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Digests upto 180 kg of food waste to grey water in 24hours
  • No compost or residual solid waste to remove
  • Clean on site solution, improving kitchen hygiene
  • Reduces landfill costs
  • Reduces Carbon footprint
  • Saves labour and management time
  • Large water savings over the use of waste disposal units

All waste food is digested over a 12 hour period and is sent straight to the drain, using existing services and leaving no residual waste. No need to store food waste, thereby reducing kitchen odours and potential vermin problems, the Waste20™ greatly improves the back of house operation.

  • Easy, on-site food waste solution
  • No solids to manage; no compost to monitor
  • Food waste digested to grey water

Waste20™ Running Costs

   Per DayPer Annum
Electrical Usage (Average)0.10p per kW6kW£0.60£219.00
Waste 2-0
0.42p Per litre600 Litres£2.52£919.80
Micro-organism packs£1.09£397.85
Waste 2-0 Annual Chip0.14p Per Litre£0.21£75.00
Sewerage Charge540 litres£0.75£273.75
TOTAL COSTS TO RUN£5.17£1,885.40

Waste Disposal Units

(3 hours usage per day each machine installed)

   Per DayPer Annum
Electrical Usage0.10p per kW11.2kW£1.12£408.80
COLD Water
36 litres per minute
0.0012p Per Litre6,480 Litres£7.77£2,836.05
Sewerage Charge0.0014p Per Litre5,832 litres£8.16£2,978.40
TOTAL COSTS TO RUN£17.05£6,223.25


Machine Weight230kgs, with no food waste. Requires installation on a level base
Machine Capacity180kgs of organic waste material, every 24-hours. Approximate water usage 600-litres (0.6m3)
per 24-hours
SuppliedWaste20™ machine is supplied with 3 months supply of fluid and one years supply of wood chips. Electrical & plumbing services installed by the customer.
On-Going Supplies RequiredPart No: TTEPAK Fluid packs (enzymes), sold in Master Boxes of 3-off, 5-litrepacks for regular maintenance (each 5-litre pack lasts approx 30 days, depending on site conditions)
Part No: TTRECH Annual re-charger pack for top up of chips

Lease and hire options available, contact us for full details.