Described by the Daily Telegraph as “one of the very best prep schools in England”, S. Anselm’s School has opted for a Tony Team cardboard baler, as part of a wider move to increase recycling across the school.

Sited next to the catering department, the Tony Team baler is used to crush all card and packaging across the school, along with A10 catering tins & plastic drums. The card bales, paper, glass and cans are collected free of charge & the plastics removed at a much reduced rate. The general waste collections have been reduced by two thirds overall.

Ian Bourke, Finance Manager is impressed with the results. “Managing waste effectively within school has made a huge difference to our efficiency. We save space and money at the same time being environmentally sound”.

“We help organisations develop an environmentally sound waste management solution, which also makes good commercial sense,” comments Victoria Oates, Tony Team’s managing director. This has already enabled many of Tony Team’s clients to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill and the associated costs by around 70%. Furthermore, health risks of fire and vermin infestation are significantly reduced as waste is more appropriately stored before removal.

Tony Team is one of the industry’s most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of balers and compactors and is able to offer comprehensive advice on waste management planning for every size of business.