The philosophy behind ‘The Big Hanna’ Composter is simple: to give customers an environmentally sound, sustainable and efficient system of disposing of food waste without the need for costly collections. Less transportation of waste combined with small scale handling on site leaves the customer with a smaller carbon footprint.


  • Environmentally friendly peat free compost in 6-10 weeks
  • On-site composting means less vehicle visits and a lower carbon footprint
  • Cleaner, lighter bins, reduced odours and less potential for vermin
  • Saves on cost of collection and landfill tax
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Constructed in durable stainless steel

Five Different Models

KG per Day10-1520-3540-7055-170115-340
KG per Week75-100150-250300-500400-1,200800-2,400
Tonnes per Annum4-58-1316-2621-6241-124
Number of Households25-3555-7090-135130-300275-650
Temperature Sensors-33410
Optional Logging Program-
Optional Hopper Fed 40L Inlet (In-Conveyor)---
Optional Shredder---
Optional Bin Lift---
Inspection Door(s) on Hood-1222
Access Door(s) in to Cylinder11222
Visual Digital Display-3333
Length (mm)1,9352,3203,8204,8006,408
Width (mm)8801,0801,0801,4002,000
Height (mm)1,4701,5501,5502,0702,195
Volume Cylinder (m3)0.611.07248
Weight Empty (kg)2004407201,2003,400
Weight Empty including Shredder/Inlet (kg)-490770--
Max Weight Full including Shredder/Inlet (kg)5401,1001,9003,5009,000
Number of Feet on Machine4681110
Connection for Ventilation (mm)Ø110Ø110Ø110Ø110Ø110
Connection for Drainage
T240, T480, 40L Hopper (mm)
Height Inlet (mm)ca 1,000ca 1,200ca 1,200ca 1,000ca 1,000
Inlet Measurements285 x 295285 x 295285 x 295490 x 590490 x 590
Volume Hopper Fed Inlet-40L40L80L80L
Height Under Outlet (mm)600590590630970
Electrical Supply
Power Supply240V400V400V400V400V
Ampere including 40L Hopper Fed Inlet (In-Conveyor)-10A10A--
Ampere including 40L Hopper Fed Inlet including Shredder-16A16A--
Motor Composter (kW)0.120.370.371.10.55
Fan (kW)
In-Conveyor (kW)
40L & 80L Hopper Fed Inlet
Shredder (kW)-33--
Heater (kW)
Total kW0.660.910.912.192.47
Total kW including 40L Hopper Fed Inlet & Shredder-4.464.46--
Energy Consumption
Total kWh per Day
Standard Model
Total kWh per Day including 40L Hopper Fed Inlet & Shredder-1.381.66--

Swedish designed and manufactured, The Big Hanna is available in 5 sizes to suit the different volumes of food waste. By composting on site, customers are able to create a resource, returning approximately 10% in compost. Customers include HM Prison Service, Hotels, Housing associations, Schools, Universities and mountain lodges. You will also see the Big Hanna at The Eden Project and the O2 Arena in London.



Lease and hire options available, contact us for full details.