With larger operations in mind, the Tony Team TT180 Bag Compactor is designed and built to meet the most stringent safety, hygiene and environmental standards. It can deliver cost reductions of up to 70%.

The TT180 has been designed for use in commercial kitchens, factory production lines, coffee shops, bakeries, sandwich shops, restaurants, fast food outlets, ship and offshore applications.


  • Simple and safe to use
  • Reduces bulk by 85%
  • Cuts costs by up to 70%
  • Electro-hydraulically powered
  • Manufactured from food quality stainless steel


Compaction Cycle Time:22 secs
Compaction Pressure:4,500Kgs (4.5 tons)
Compacted Package Size:475mm x 500mm x 475mm (19″ x 20″ x 19″)
Average Weight of Compacted Package:22 kg (48 lbs)
Safety Features:Failsafe door switch. Adjustable full load warning system. Package size controls. Reusable bin to contain compacted waste.
Weight of Machine:250 kg


Motor Rating:0.75 kW
Supply:240v 50Hz Single phase
(3 phase or alternative voltages available if required)
Compaction System:Twin pressure hydraulic pump powering a single stage hydraulic ram which is aided by a chrome plated guide rod.
Control Panel:Incorporates full operating instructions, key switch, emergency stop button, start button and full load warning light.
Machine Construction:Stainless steel on mild steel frame with fully welded compaction chamber totally separate from electrical and hydraulic control compartment incorporating an aluminium compaction plate.

Lease and hire options available, contact us for full details.