Leading Hotel Group Chooses Tony Team for Big Waste Management Savings

Leading Hotel Group Chooses Tony Team for Big Waste Management Savings

After investing in an initial project at The Cumberland Hotel, Thistle & Guoman Hotels’ purchasing team chose to roll out Tony Team balers & compactors across all of its UK estate, in a move that has helped meet the company’s corporate social responsibility commitments.

Baling cardboard with a TT75 Baler, & removing other recyclable material from the hotel waste stream has minimised not only the amount of waste destined for landfill, but has also allowed Thistle & Guoman Hotels to make considerable financial savings. Compacting the remainder of the non recyclable waste with the TT1100e bin compactor thereby reducing both the number of waste bins & waste collections has also enabled the hotels to manage the back of house more efficiently, whilst improving hygiene & health & safety standards.

Victoria Oates of Tony Team says: “The Thistle & Guoman Hotels Group is an ideal example of a company that is putting environmental initiatives at the top of its priority list. The cost of landfill is increasing at a dramatic rate and firms who address their recycling procedures and incorporate waste management solutions such as those offered by Tony Team are finding that they not only conform to Government legislation, but also make notable cost savings”.

Purchasing Director at Thistle & Guoman Hotels, Quentin Neville comments: “We have a dedicated approach to recycling across the Hotels and are delighted with the steps we’ve taken to meet our recycling targets. In terms of the waste bill, the installation of Tony Team’s equipment has enabled us to save over £200,000.00”.

“Before choosing to work with Tony Team, we conducted a great deal of research and found that Tony Team’s equipment best matched Thistle & Guoman Hotel’s brand standards and commitment to recycling and waste management. We’ve been extremely impressed with the products offered by Tony Team, as well as the company’s knowledge and service.”ISEB-BA1

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